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14.06 – 16.06.2019

Alpha and Omega is always Die Aufseherin!

Die Aufseherin

Part 1 : The interrogation (the story continues after the login)

For more than a decade die Aufseherin is major part of the military and imprisonmet scene worldwide.

She practice under various aliases movies, events and sessions. Of course she can name a couple of
awards as their own. Beeing a sublime lady of the OWK is just one of them!

She is famous for their cruel unpredictability who will guarantee every inmate a roller coaster ride with
his feeling. Often this will take them close to their limits.
She use different practices and her phantasy does not have limits.
Very little and sublte action can lead in to tunnel games or very effective juridical punishment.


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The nature of Die Aufseherin!

There is no doubt that die Aufseherin is extremely well versed, consistent and picky. It appears at first sight,
supposedly, understandably, but her favor is very fragile. Die Aufsehrin does not tolerate any contradiction and
you can very quickly become the  last link in the Hierarchy – die Knasthure.